A Year of Poems – Day 193

“The rain falls where it wishes
There’s not much I can do about it”

Why would you do anything to the rain?

There is a joy in raindrops,
That is separate from any comparisons to tears.

You have not laughed until you have been caught
with sodden sneakers,
heavy shirt,
and dripping hair
by an unexpected torrent
with nowhere to go but further into the rain.

Raindrops can never be separated from tears –
persistent tears that will not be stemmed
after something sharp pierced the pipeline
and yet laughter still leaks out of bitter tears.

Joy and sorrow
Twined together
worlds apart.

The rain falls on two bodies
Tidally locked in sodden dance
Take the rain away
The planets spin out
Drifting into the cold dark night.

A Year of Poems – Day 163

How long, how long will the painted rainbows fall
In shattered panes around the teardrop splash?
The stained glass once arched above the room
In a dome that had no ending,
and yet was not a sphere.

They were children throwing rocks into the sky,
They were old enough to know so much better.
One rock flew astray into the domed earth
The plates shattered, spun apart
Pieces floated on the sea.

Adrift, Adrift, how long will we be adrift,
Clutching at our islands as we ride the teardrop splash,
Searching for the fading stripes across the sky,
Those shattered, still reminders
Of a whole, sparkling dome.