A Year of Poems – Day 348

“That lady’s talking and there’s no one there.”
“Don’t stare she’s probably on the phone.”

“…nobody treats me like family.
Family, now that’s the most important thing.”

“Why are her eyes like that Mommy?”
“It’s not polite to stare. Sit down.”

“My brother thought he was important,
Now look where he is, the no good…”

“There’s too much white in her eyes.”
“Why won’t you sit? sit. sit. sit!”

“He stole my present from the tree
Ripped to shreds, paper everywhere.”

“She’s definitely not on the phone Mom.”
“We’re on a train honey you can’t pay attention to people.”

“Good times like that won’t come again,
He took the money, now he won’t even talk.”

“Mom I think she might be…”

“They’re all staring, but family doesn’t care.
Family stays by your side forever.
Why won’t anyone treat me like family?”

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