A Year of Poems – Day 317

Welcome to the year of Jubilee!
Let all the earth and its people breathe.
Joy will crease the broken face
of the beggar lying in the street,
he will get up and lie no more
for he will find much more than liquor.
Disagreements will not disappear,
But all will listen with an open ear.

It’s a pretty thought, but nothing more,
It has all been promised by crocks before,
But consider this, the land must rest.
The fox has holes, the birds have nests.
We know that for every tree we take
The forest must rest until more grow.
Some have learned that their lives are the same
They must rest for every dollar they make.

My case is made by analogy,
What is true for a person, a fox, or a tree
should likewise stand for society.
But even then its not quite what I mean,
A holiday is one thing, we need jubilee.
We need time to taste, we need time to see
We need to set our neighbors free.
But most of all for one year in our short lives
We must stop, and look, and learn to breathe
So I say again, that I might also shear,
Welcome to the year of Jubilee!

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