A Year of Poems – Day 300

“I wish to say something”
If there were crickets this would be easier,
But instead there are those who look while they talk,
Those who do not hear,
And those who hear but look down.
He looks around and repeats,
he who unlike Prufrock dares to speak
to a world that will not be disturbed
by any proclamation from Sinai.
“I’m not sure about this Sinai thing”
He could be talking of anything
The reaction will be the same.
“But what if it is true?”
Those who listen laugh,
Not because they disbelieve in Sinai
Or whatever else is in the heart of this man
But because of that last word
Which dares to raise itself above
The huddled masses and say that it sang absolute.
If the crickets sang in the silence
It would be some dialogue,
Voices questioning the mountain,
Birds approaching the statement with cocked heads
And eyes that seek for the cracks where the worms hide,
One man’s mountain chipped and chiseled,
Probed to see if the core is strong
But there is only silence.
Lest conversation blindly wander into a mountain
That cannot be torn down by human hands.
Silence is safer than conversation.

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