A Year of Poems – Day 275

I saw a church sign
“God loves your future,
more than he loves your past.”
A thought as comforting as a venti coffee
Warm and sweet but it leaves me shaking
with uncertain love, sickening,
Heart trying to make its case against
the day he decides to love me less again.

I cannot trust things that change.
I can live with them.
I can make my separate peace
Within the four walls I patch against the wind,
But I could not know
the breeze on the open sea
for I could not trust the sea to remain.

It is not static constancy that I crave.
The seasons are constant in their shifts,
The sea is predictable in its unpredictable rise and fall.
The love of God is beyond both in its constancy,
It is not the coffee that raises you from Monday’s pit,
It is an albatross riding the wind and spray with unswerving joy
It is the wind and ocean in its embracing width
It is more than all of this, but it is not a caffeine high.

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