A Year of Poems -Day 244

This is for you, the bending soul,
Bowed down by the greedy world,
This grubbing, prying, pricking place,
For the pockmarked heart with happy eyes,
The weeping willow with stone dry bark
Who hates the worms but has tunnels
carved in woody flesh beneath the skin.

Corruption creeps in quiet years
It starts in close to the core,
it seeps in with the rain,
the outside winds strip the bark
and there are already worms within.
This is for every corrupted cedar,
Even this tree which cannot see itself.

“Eat Earth! Dig Deep! Drink Water”
Wake while the sun shines above,
The haze will burn off before night
And the sea breeze will break on this inland
As gulls fly towards the sea crying defiance at this land
Which has been marred but still has trees.
Wake and know that you are trees
The sun is strong above you!

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