A Year of Poems – Day 214

In the beginning, the hush before the storm,
the still voice shook the deep void.
It spoke no poetry as it rent light from dark,
for it stands separate from all other verse,
the moment all words echo yet cannot fill,
for from that word tumble suns and novas,
fireflies and the shimmering lantern fish
still sparkling with the syllabic wonder
of language sprung on the world by surprise.
Small wonder the birds greet the sun with song
Words would seem lacking except the word
took on the echoes and filled our verses.
The early birds may sing wordless songs
but we greet the morning with fresh flung hymns
for we have touched language when he touched us,
we have felt the echoes in our skin
so naturally joy bubbles up with poetry
since he took on the poetry of human flesh.

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