A Year of Poems – Day 183

words will fail you
if you live long enough

she will forget
he will lie

your life’s thesis
will fall apart

things fall apart
words continue

babbling till every word
looks ridiculous

ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous
ridiculous the cicada
ridiculous the summer breeze on a hot daywo
ridiculous the gulls
all things are ridiculous as a word
repeated one time too many

and so we laugh
it starts in sadness
but moves to joy

for life is ridiculous

ridiculous as repeated words relished at every syllable
ridiculous as an insects song
ridiculous as salt air and a running breeze
ridiculous as a laughing bird
ridiculous as a world read two ways

words fall apart
our center cannot hold
for when we see the ridiculous
we hold ourselves with laughter

not the laughter of despair
no never despair
but the laughter of ignorance
the laughter of a child
who when she encounters something new
knows that the world is bigger than imagination

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