A Year of Poems – Day 127

Today was a cherry blossom day
A fast train on a brisk morning
ripening to a day hinting at what
summer will one day deliver.
Children and parents journeying together to the city.
We all must one day journey to the city for the first time.
And then again for the first time with children –
Equally divided between their joy and our anxiety.
So they bloom and we bloom again
But the bloomings are different,
as every blossom is different,
if we would only take the time to see the differences.

But today was a cherry blossom day,
and the blooming happened,
whether we took the time to look or not.
Perhaps the cherry blossoms are beautiful
precisely because they take our focus.
We spend an hour, a morning, a day
walking caught in the sway of their scent,
then when the scent is gone,
and our feet have grown buds of their own,
we look around and realize the world has bloomed
and the beauty in it is greater than a cherry blossom,
although we lack the vocabulary to name it.

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