A Year of Poems – Day 99

This England!” Yes, but Oh this very world,
Which spins out time around the turning sun!
This time flowing through us yet rationed out
in thimbles, drop by drop, but every drop
sweeter and stronger than a cask of oak
aged wine, which floods our senses till our soul
is drunk with the world – its oceans, desert
cliffs cut out by water’s hands, jungles grown
thick with every sort of creeping rainbow,
nations rich with bridges, books, and boats
which sail down the river to the delta
and from there to the sea of twinkling stars,
of which there is but one blue speck spun out
by the great whirligig of time. A gem
set in the golden crown of heaven;
The sapphire earth set in the sea of time –
this Eden cracked and cracking still. Still on
through darkening night this gem shines on
and flowing free from the cracks of sapphire
is time, aged to sweet sorrow in this cracked cask.

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