A Year of Poems – Day 94

Here we come to the edge of reason
where the breakers crash against the cliffs
and the chorused gulls chant requiem
around the ruined wreck of our ship
Requiem aeterna dona eis
I see nothing eternal in this
shattered resting place washed by cruel song.

From the base of the cliff stones rise up,
so the sun grows dark and the sky hard
against our fearful state as gulls sing rest.
The gulls sing peace as the song goes on
and we scramble up the rocky shore
to hug the rocky precipice wall
and shelter from the crash of waves
which join the beat of the flying song
which now requests of the blackened sky
light no less eternal than the peace:
Lux aeterna luceat eis

The dark sky laughs and the panic soars,
Dona eis rings out as before.
The irony grates like rocks on skin,
as the song continues pleading on
yet in the bleakness of my heart I plead
Dona nobis pacem with the gulls.
Though the cliff and fear remain as before,
A light breaks through from a distant shore.

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