A Year of Poems – Day 25

We are all poets.
To be human is to sing
even when we sing off-tune
to live is to compose.

We select the opening tone,
tuning to the sounds we wish
to open our daily hymn.

We pair flavors, rhyming
grain with fruit, to produce
a breakfast couplet.

At work we adopt the voice of Homer
As we voyage, exiled, on the rough seas
till at last we sail home at five o’clock.

We publish our work,
speaking our thoughts,
free-verse and composed,
to those we love.

And sometimes after supper,
the remnants of a symphony in our stomachs,
we free-style thoughts –
co-authoring a song of fellowship.

If you cannot see your poetic gift
Speak to your friend,
Listen to her response,
Hear the poetry of her life,
And with your response
acknowledge the beauty of her rhyme –
For that too is poetry.

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