A Year of Poems – Day 19

The final queen of Kalmanar,
gave up her throne to go abroad
to see how people lived in far
off lands without her gods.

Forsaking all her royal robes
she left her pall bearers at home
exchanging her silk and soap
for a dusty bed of loam.

She left alone without a soul
aware that she had gone.
She left no heir to rule
the birthplace of the sun.

Some claim she came to Arthur’s court
and dined with Lancelot.
Others claim she knelt before
the pope as one distraught.

Until at last she came up North,
journeyed south, or died at sea.
Some whisper that she birthed
three sons who rode in livery.

The stories grow with every year,
but her name is never there.
For it remained where she was queen
and crumbled with Kalmanar.

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