A Year of Poems – Day 13

Stay in the lines, don’t shift without warning.
Stop at the red right before the thick line.
It’s a stop and go game that we play.
Cross a bridge, you’ll see what I mean.
The red river will stretch stagnant below
the arch of the bridge. Not a drop will budge
beyond its banks. Then in a wave the fires
will go out as the columns march
onwards in unwavering lines.
March, color, stay in the lines – All is fine.
Are lines insufficient? They can be grown,
stretched in two even in three dimensions.
Skyscrapers, roads, cubicles – what are they?
Implementations of linear thought.
Take the derivative of efficiency
and you will always get a line.
Come to the bridge and watch this Calculus at work
or look up and see the lost red tailed hawk
waste its life with circles.

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