A Year of Poems – Day 8

There’s a sloth up on my head
and I’m not sure how it got there
which is really sort of funny
since I only met it once.

At first I didn’t notice
till I saw my good friend laughing
and I went to check my head to see
if something was messed up.

My hand went up to brush my hair
and that is when I found him –
my constant head companion
since he curled up round my ears.

Sometimes my friends will ask me if
its hard that he’s still with me
since its been at least a month
that he’s been nesting in my head.

But I shake my head quite gently,
so as not to wake my neighbor,
and I tell them that he’s truly been
a blessing to my health.

And when they give me that same look
that you are giving me right now,
I smile and explain to them
how a sloth could help them out.

A sloth provides a warm hat
for those cooler days in Fall.
A sloth will also stay with you
when all your friends might go.

If you are prone to worrying
about how your hair appears,
a sloth can cover up the sins
your hairbrush can’t remove.

But most of all, the reason that
I will not ditch my sloth,
is that he has come to be my friend
and friends don’t pitch friends out.

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