A Year of Poems – Day 7

Would you like to walk the land with me?
I must check the lower fences,
but the sun is setting quickly
between the mountain and the stream.

The sun woke me at its rising
and it walked with me through the day
but before my work has finished
my companion went away.

Now the fireflies are dancing
to the fiddles as we pass,
and the field mouse and his family
are curled warmly in the grass.

But I have this time at twilight
to complete my daily work,
while the wind that brings the nightfall
is still whispering in the trees.

If you’d like you can come with me
and we’ll walk the land together.
I’ll show you where the river bends
and the paths the deer have made.

We can walk along the tree line,
but the light is fading quickly
and the land is only waiting
for my feet to walk its length.

I am going to the fences
without the sun beside me
and with darkness at my neck.
Let us walk the land together.

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